Experience the power of our DMU-50 5th axis vertical machining center, equipped with a robust built-in tilting rotary table unique to this machine tool. This rotary configuration enables the completion of workpieces with intricate contours and features in a single machine setup. Boasting a substantial weight capacity, the DMU-50 enhances machining accuracy and reduces cycle time. Ideal for both sculptured components and prismatic parts in materials such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, our 5-axis, simultaneously controlled machining sets the standard.


Our CNC horizontal mills feature a built-in rotary universal table, enabling milling at various angles. The advantage of horizontal machining lies in arbor-mounted side and face mills, providing excellent support and a larger cross-sectional area for efficient material removal rates. Multiple cutters can be ganged together on the arbor to mill complex shapes of slots and planes, while specialized cutters handle grooves, bevels, radii, or any desired section.

TRUMPF Laser Tube Cutting: TruLaser Tube 7000

Step into maximum productivity with our Trumpf Tube Laser, designed for versatile tube and profile processing. The solid-state laser handles various materials and wall thicknesses, replacing the output of six CNCs. As the only CM on the West Coast offering Tube Laser with Flow Drilling, we elevate efficiency.

5-Axis Waterjet

Embrace the versatility of our 5-Axis Waterjet, efficiently cutting a wide range of materials. This waterjet operation proves cost-effective for removing substantial material, executing complex cuts like bevels and chamfers, eliminating the need for secondary operations. Achieve a high-quality finish on parts without the necessity for pre-weld grinding, particularly beneficial for thick or highly reflective materials like copper.


Leverage cutting-edge CNC mill/turn technologies at MASS Precision, producing intricate components across diverse industries. With shorter cycle times, frequent changeovers, and intricate parts, our CNC lathe capabilities set us apart. With over 50 CNCs, including mills and lathes, MASS Precision ranks among the top 5 in the area for production volume.


Explore precision machining with our AG600L Wire EDM featuring Sodick’s Linear Motor Technology. Ideal for medium to large-sized parts in medical, aerospace, energy, and die/mold applications, the AG600L delivers speed and accuracy.