Over the past three decades MASS Precision’s Sheet metal and Stamping capabilities has developed into a state-of-the-art manufacturer of precisely engineered metal components, specifically for today’s rapidly evolving communications, electronics and medical equipment markets. This work is accomplished with the latest models of Computer Numerical Controlled turret punch presses, all fitted with auto load-unloaders, State of the art Combo Laser/Punch Presses with brushed tables and Programmable NC9-EX or AMNC-PC packages on all Press Brakes. One of our Press Brakes at 14′ is one of the largest in the area.


Thanks to our experience in matching client designs to our CNC forming capabilities, employees can perfect the process within very tight tolerances. The manufacturing systems meet ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality control standards, meaning that the pieces meet the standards required for demanding applications in the medical industry and other industries. For those instances where the product must meet FCC standards for radiation leakage, our work meets those requirements and will limit any issues for testing and other needs.

We look forward to ensuring that you get the results you want and can also help with any finishing you need with our in-house painting, plating, and powder coating departments.


At MASS Precision, we provide precision CNC punching services with a focus on small, large and heavy components for original equipment manufacturers. To deliver the requisite quality and performance, our CNC punching utilizes a full range of special features such as card guides, countersinks, extrusions, embossing, and cluster punches for perforation. We are the first in our area to use new TK Capacity loading and unloading systems.

To maximize our ability to deliver superior quality while meeting tolerances of ± .005″, we rely on CNC-controlled equipment with auto-index stations. As a quality-oriented firm, we take quality seriously, and have in place numerous quality assurance measures.